Matt has handled a wide variety of matters in the area of Estate, Trust, Probate & Inheritance Litigation.  The following are but a few examples over the years in which he pursued claims against, or defended claims brought by, beneficiaries (of a will, trust, intestate estate, etc.) or fiduciaries (trustee of a trust, executor of an estate, attorney-in-fact of a power of attorney, etc.): ---Attorney for client who was an outnumbered co-trustee/co-beneficiary forced to sue her sibling co-trustees/co-beneficiaries stemming from their pilfering of their Alzheimer's Disease-stricken mother's trust over many years; After a 4-day jury trial, obtained a unanimous verdict on all claims and an award of $1,565,000.00 inclusive of compensatory and punitive damages, plus Court-ordered awards of 6% pre-judgment interest and 10% post-judgment interest on the damages award, and $51,428.00 in attorney's fees and costs, as well as removal of her siblings as co-trustees of the trust so that she was the sole remaining trustee (DEB MITCHELL)

---Counsel for client-trustee accused of allegedly misappropriating funds and unduly influencing his relative into signing a multi-million dollar life insurance policy naming him as the beneficiary; Successfully avoided any litigation being filed and negotiated a private settlement in which the family harmony was preserved and the trustee was still named as a partial beneficiary of the policy which ultimately paid him hundreds of thousands in insurance proceeds a few months later when the relative passed away (MARC VERBOS)

---Attorney for client-executors of an estate who were attempting to keep a rogue trustee from obtaining an excessive trustee fee for unnecessary and undocumented alleged work to administer a simple trust upon the elderly woman's death; After multiple depositions of the trustee's expert witnesses, a well-regarded estate planning attorney and a local trust officer, as well as a half-day trial, the judge completely denied the trustee's fee petition as well as the fee petition of his attorney, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars going to the deceased's chosen beneficiaries, her church and a local charity, instead of the trustee and his lawyer (SYLVIA BAILEY)

---Co-counsel for client-sisters suing their older sister-trustee for pilfering their parents' trust over many years and failing to provide them with accurate information regarding the trust's assets and expenditures; After a week-long jury trial, obtained a unanimous verdict on all claims and an award of $1,893,446.40 inclusive of compensatory damages, punitive damages, and costs, plus 10% post-judgment interest on the damages award (DEBBIE EVANS/GAIL GRAVES)


---Attorney for numerous different clients who were beneficiaries of trusts and had questions regarding interpretation of the trust's terms, concerns regarding the trustee's actions, inquiries about the trust assets or distributions, etc.;